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Our products are formulated carefully to ensure that they are all-natural and clinically tested ingredients. Lavocderma aims to produce the best natural formula that will help everyone with dry and sensitive skin.

Our dedication and passion for skincare and beauty allow us to help men and women to become the better version of themselves. We aim to serve each individual looking to rejuvenate and hydrate their face and body and reach their skin's full potential.

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Our product line has been in the industry since 2018 and it is our pride to continue to produce natural and effective skincare products helping achieve the skincare you deserve.

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I love and would highly recommend the lavoc derma 100% avocado oil moisturizing cream for multitude of skin conditions. It is a very quick and effective way to relieve dry skin and prevent eczema flare ups as it moisturizes deeply and hydrates skin effectively. Is a very good anti ageing cream as it clears fine wrinkles and is a great everyday moisturizer for the kids as its very gentle on the skin and is preservative free. All in all a panacea for everyday skin care needs for the family !

Radhika Bantwal

After suffering from psoriasis most of my adult life, I have tried cream after cream with no relief. After a week of using Lavoc Derma I was amazed with the results! The itching stopped, the dryness and peeling of skin cleared. I am so thankful to have found this product and would recommend to any one suffering psoriasis .

Jenny, Adelaide

100% would recommend to anyone, with eczema, dry skin or just wanting to look after their skin in a natural way! My entire family is obsessed with it. You’ll definitely fall in love with it after you’ve tried it 🥰

Sarah Jane

Amazing cream for any skin problems.. Not just moisturizing but healing as well!! Perfect for daily skin care routine!!

Ruchi Trivedi
paraben free products
no animals needed, it is cruelty free

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