Lavoc Derma Instructions

Dear Customer,

Congratulations and Thank you for purchasing the LAVOC DERMA range of products for your skin maintenance.

You have taken the first step in managing and maintaining healthy skin.

Here are a few tips for you on how to best use your new products.


  1. Apply the cream every 3-4 hours a day when you first receive your order. This is because the cream contains the all-powerful natural ingredient OLEIC ACID, and we need this to be in maximum contact with your skin. Continue for up to 72 hours. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND USE THE CREAM. USE IT DURING WAKING HOURS ONLY.
  2. After 72 hours you can reduce the application up to 3-4 times a day, but you can use it up to 5 times a day if needed.
  3. If you ever get a flare up again start using the cream every 3-4 hours again.
  4. You can also use the cream as a day/night normal moisturizer for your face and body.
  5. The Double Strength cream (PURPLE LABEL) is used as above. Use the DS cream formula for initial application followed by the GREEN LABEL formula.


  1. Apply the oil twice daily. use 3-4 squirts onto your palm or directly onto your scalp.
  2. Wash hair with mild goats milk shampoo and conditioner if needed after 24 hrs.
  3. The oil will work best with maximum contact. Can leave on scalp for 3 days without washing hair if needed.


  1. Apply to red and scaly skin twice daily.
  2. Leave on skin for 12-14 hrs. and wash with SLS free wash
  3. Contains sal acid and coal tar to reduce redness and scaly skin. scaly skin can peel, and new skin will appear after 1 week.
  4. Moisturize daily 3-4 times with the GREEN LABEL avocado oil moisturizer daily for best results.

I hope you enjoy your product and please visit us on for your next order.


Nish. -Pharmacist and Formulator.