Our Story

 from a dream to reality...       

In 2018, Compounding Pharmacist and owner of Good Health Compounding Pharmacy in Melbourne, Nish Vaitha developed a cream-based formula for his son as he could not find anything natural and quick enough to treat his son’s eczema. The guiding principles that led Nish to formulate the cream were to ensure it was free of any added preservatives or chemicals and to be as natural and simple as possible. After researching on the best natural oils and ingredients to use, Nish decided that Avocado oil had the best properties as it contained high concentrations of Oleic Acid which is a very powerful anti-oxidant and healing agent.

Nish developed his original 100% Avocado oil moisturiser at his in-house Compounding Laboratory and started his son’s treatment. Soon, he saw amazing results and the eczema and dryness disappeared.


Nish recommended the cream locally to a few of his Pharmacy customers and they also noticed significant improvements in their skin conditions within a few days. As more and more people found out about the cream the demand grew, Nish decided to make more batches of the cream and established the brand LAVOC DERMA.

Recently, upon customer requests, Nish has also created a special formula for relief from Dry Scalp conditions. This formula along with the Avocado Oil Moisturiser is now available online.