The Journey.

How it all started……

 For many years , Nish Vaitha a Melbourne based pharmacist searched for an effective treatment for his son’s severe Eczema. After unsuccessfully trying many over the counter and prescription based medications available in his Pharmacy, he decided to try his hand at formulating a cream absent of any chemicals and preservatives in his own Compounding Laboratory.

 He realised through his experiments that the Australian Avocado Oil contained high amounts Oleic Acid, an essential ingredient to heal inflamed skin.

 Nish formulated his first Eczema Cream and tested it on his son. He was amazed at the rapid improvement in his son’s Eczema and his overall skin health within days.

  Lavoc Dermas first success:

 Admired for its chemical and preservative free gentle formula, the Eczema relief cream soon became popular in his Pharmacy, especially with Babies and children. Nish soon realised the need for a product through his customers that really worked and hence developed the Lavoc Derma Brand.

 Nish was so confident in his cream that he established a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all his products.

 The Lavoc Derma Brand:

 All our products are made in our Pharmacy laboratory in Melbourne Australia, and Hand packed individually. Our ingredients are sourced from the most reputable suppliers in Australia, and we believe in supporting the local small businesses.

 We have a constant research and development program that looks to innovate our products through our customer feedback and use.

 The Brand today has over 20 different products in its range and the journey continues……..