Psoriasis Dry Skin Cream
Psoriasis Dry Skin Cream
Psoriasis Dry Skin Cream
Psoriasis Dry Skin Cream
Psoriasis Dry Skin Cream

Psoriasis Dry Skin Cream

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Our Psoriasis Dry Skin Cream is the only cream you need to effectively manage psoriasis! Made in Australia, this cream has been specifically formulated to relieve inflammation and discomfort caused by psoriasis. Finally, a psoriasis treatment that works!

What makes our creams the answer to your psoriasis battles? Our special ingredient of course! Our creams are enriched with Oleic Acid extracted from avocado oil which has anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve the itch and discomfort caused by dry skin patches. Oleic acid combined with coal tar is a match made in heaven to help you treat psoriasis and find some much-needed relief!


  • Relieve dry skin, itches, and discomfort caused by psoriasis
  • Fast-acting cream for immediate psoriasis relief
  • Safe and natural alternative to using corticosteroids
  • Oleic acid is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties
  • Versatile crema suitable for face and body
  • Made from 100% Australian avocados in Australia


Apply every 2-3 hours when facing a severe dry skin flare up


100G or 500G


Coal Tar, Sal Acid, Aqueous Cream, 100% Australia Avocado Oil.

Why choose us?


Established in 2018, Lavocderma has been proven to help many people around Australia suffering from eczema and other skin problems with our high-quality products that are mainly natural and money-back guarantee.

100% PURE

AUSTRALIAN Avocado oil


Made in Australia