I love and would highly recommend the lavoc derma 100% avocado oil moisturising cream for multitude of skin conditions. It is a very quick and effective way to relieve dry skin and prevent eczema flare ups as it moisturises deeply and hydrates skin effectively. Is a very good anti ageing cream as it clears fine wrinkles and is a great everyday moisturiser for the kids as its very gentle on the skin and is preservative free. All in all a panacea for everyday skin care needs for the family !

Radhika Bantwal


My Son Aadi who is 9 now has been suffering from eczema since he was born. Tried 100s of cream and medicine but nothing worked like Lavoc Derma. It’s a magic cream and for those suffering from eczema, I strongly recommend. You will see difference within a week!

Raj Soni


After suffering from psoriasis most of my adult life, I have tried cream after cream with no relief. After a week of using Lavoc Derma I was amazed with the results! The itching stopped, the dryness and peeling of skin cleared. I am so thankful to have found this product and would recommend to any one suffering psoriasis .

Jenny, Adelaide


Great results for anyone suffering from dry skin and eczema!! You will notice difference within a week!! Plus much better than using steroids all the time..natural with no harsh chemicals!!

Kuntal Prakash Chokshi
An amazing cream totally natural, like so many of us would say.. a miracle cream for those suffering from eczema or very dry skin !👏👏👏👌


100% would recommend to anyone, with eczema, dry skin or just wanting to look after their skin in a natural way! My entire family is obsessed with it. You’ll definitely fall in love with it after you’ve tried it

Sarah Jane

Amazing cream for any skin problems.. Not just moisturizing but healing as well!! Perfect for daily skin care routine!!

Ruchi Trivedi


Have tried multiple products from the range and absolutely love them all. Really gentle on the skin while ultra effective. Love the shampoo and conditioner, smells so fresh and really gentle yet hydrating for the scalp. Another favourite from the range has to be the charcoal face mask. Instantly make your face look clearer and brighter. Highly recommend it!!
Marwa Kayy
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